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  • TASTE THE HEAT - A habanero sauce that has an explosion of flavor contorted with lime and carrots with a vinegar base that will leave a slight burn to the back of your throat.
  • HABANERO PEPPER - The great habanero pepper taste without the habanero pepper heat. Boner's original is a mild to medium sauce that you can enjoy without ruining your food with too much heat.
  • GOES WITH MOST ANYTHING - This blend of ingredient infused hot sauce is great with most anything. Chicken, beef, or eggs or marinate some fish with it.
  • THE BOTTLE - An open top easy to pour 5 oz woozy bottle full of flavor for you to enjoy at a bbq or stuff in your pocket to take to your favorite restaurant .
  • FAMILY COMPANY - Boner's recipes are made from scratch and they are sauces we use ourselves here at home. It would be ashamed not to share this goodness with everyone.
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