SpiceThings Up With This Tuna Sandwich Recipe Using Boner's Hot Sauce

I have always loved a good tuna sandwich. I used to make my tuna sandwich with a mixture of vinegar and mayonnaise but recently I have been adding more ingredients just to make it more interesting. They have the premixed packets but its a lot more fun and tastes a lot better just to do it yourself. Especially if you want to add some spice with a flavorful sauce.

I am going to show you a recipe I put together.Try this at home.

What you will need:

4 OZ can of tuna in water

1/2 avocado

1 boiled egg

3 TBSP Mayonnaise 

2 OZ Boner' Blazing Honey                                                                                          

  • First open the can of Tuna and drain the water.
  • Put tuna, avocado, egg, mayonnaise into bowl and mix together  
  • Add 2 Oz or more of the hot sauce to the mixture. Make sure it is completely saturated for best results. Mix well.
  • Put on bread to make 2 sandwiches
Double the ingredients to make more sandwiches.
This is one of THE BEST tuna sandwiches I have ever eaten. The awesome tuna taste with the flavor and heat of the honey hot sauce not to mention the chunk of avocado you will bite in to that you will fall in love with. Very delicious meal that is quick and easy.           




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