Game Night With Boner's Buffalo Wings

Boner's Buffalo Wings are some of the most flavorful wings you will ever eat. Whether you like your wings baked, fried, or grilled Boner's Hot Sauce will be great at a bbq or party.

Although I really love the charcoal grill taste I like my wings really crispy so deep fry or bake them to get the texture you want. Deep frying is much quicker but baking will give you the best flavor if you have the time. If you like the breaded wing take a zip lock bag and shake the wings up in flour before cooking. Sometimes the breaded texture will help the wings hold more flavor, however I am a naked wing kind of guy.

For those of you that have never cooked wings I have included some detailed instructions. 

For breaded wings - Skip this step if you are cooking a naked wing.

Step 1 

Take a large zip-lock bag and put flour in it. If you would like a little extra spice and flavor mix some cayenne pepper or garlic with the flour.

Step 2

Put the wings in the bag and seal

Step 3

Shake the bag well. If your face cheeks don't move you aren't shaking hard enough.

Cooking the wings

Step 1

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease bottom of a flat pan so the wings do not stick and place the wings evenly in pan without over crowding each other.

Step 2

Place pan in oven and bake for about an hour or until desired texture Take wings out 

The wings are sometimes good alone with just some ranch and celery but to add some awesome flavor and heat cover the wings completely in some Boner's Hot Sauce. If you do not want quite as much heat just put some Boner's Hot Sauce on the side.



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