Boners Hot Sauce Presents the new " Blazing Honey "

Boner's Hot Sauce is happy to announce that we have our newest product the Blazing Honey. Blazing Honey is also a habanero based product but hotter than what Boner's Original is. It has a flavorful honey taste that keeps you eating it even though its about to burn your mouth on fire.

We have been in business part time for 2 years from setting up at festivals on the weekends to selling online. So far until now Boner's Original hot sauce has been our only product. We have now moved on to doing this full time and we are excited about changes coming. We are finally getting new product!

As we are expanding our product line we would love to hear about some of your favorite sauces and flavors. Any input would be helpful in deciding on our future products. We look forward to working with our customers and developing a long lasting relationship. Thanks for all of your support!!! 

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