Everyone asks me where the name comes from. Not as bad as you may think.

I am now 40 years old but since I was 16 I have been in and out of the restaurant industry. My first job was a pizza place. My friend whose name was also Robert got hired along with me. Little did I know I would be making friends who will still be my friends for the rest of my life.
I was a very skinny kid. I was 6 ft tall and weighed 107 pds so I was ridiculously skinny. I had earned the nick name Bones. I was ok with it. Not anything could have hurt my feelings. Needless to say at that weight I didn't have much luck with the ladies but really didn't care. I took rejection pretty well. As any teenage boy I was a little pervert . I couldn't tell you if it was worse or same as others it was what it was. My manager suggested my name change from Bones to Boner. We were talking about the 80's sitcom " Growing Pains ". For those of you that remember Kirk Cameron's friend in the sitcom was named Boner. The name has stuck with me all of these years.  
Years down the road one of the guys that worked there at the time and still one of my friends started a successful hot dog and hamburger restaurant. I had just bought my house and needed some extra cash so I had started working there part time. As the company grew there were things added to the menu and wings had become an item. Being the hot sauce fanatic that I am I experimented with a sauce that we liked and that is what is on the wings there today. After a few years of doing this and some good friends that had my back I decided to put it in a bottle. I thought what better name than Boner's Hot Sauce.
Well I guess not much has changed. I'm still a pervert. But now I have a hot sauce to prove it!