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Boner's Hot Sauce is happy to announce we  finally got our new label for the previous " Twisted Habanero " which is now going to be called " Boner's Original ". 

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Boner's Hot Sauce is happy to announce we are finally bringing out some new product and our new label for the previous " Twisted Habanero ". We have been doing this part time on the side for the past 2 years but now we have decided to put some time and money into it. After all we have some great products and it would be ashamed not to share them with everyone.
  The BHS label was an early mistake not really knowing what our market was. We are now going to be putting the name of the company Boner's Hot Sauce directly on the label. Also due to an issue with a competitor  the flavor  " Twisted Habanero " will we will no longer have its name. It will be called " Boner's Original ".
  We are also very excited about our newest product " Blazing Honey " . The Blazing Honey is also a habanero based hot sauce but much hotter than what Boner's Original is. It has a flavorful honey taste that's keeps you eating it even though its about to burn your mouth on fire. Looking for it to hopefully be out by January but we will see.
  As a new company we are excited about the changes coming and looking forward to hitting 2019 full force. Thankyou for all the support you have given us. Without you we could not have made this happen.